Classroom Highlights: Second Grade Math

The second grade team at Liberty Oaks Elementary has spent collaboration time discussing math instruction and making changes that positively impact learner agency. Ashley Allen explains the changes she has made and the impact it has had in her classroom: This year I restructured my math block. I went from the tradition whole group lesson followed by independent… Continue reading Classroom Highlights: Second Grade Math

Classroom Highlights: A New Series on the Blog

One of my goals for this school year is to highlight work in classrooms and share learning. One of the ways in which I plan to do so is through a new series on the blog. Introducing the “Classroom Highlights” series… I am very excited about blog post #1, COMING SOON! Disclaimer: I could write a post… Continue reading Classroom Highlights: A New Series on the Blog

Flexible Seating

This year in Liberty Public Schools, many students are walking into rooms that look very different than the traditional classroom. Many teachers have embraced flexible seating. Flexible seating provides students an opportunity to choose where they sit, based on where they will learn best, as well as an easy option for rearranging, based on specific… Continue reading Flexible Seating

Student-Centered Environments

I am fortunate to work in a district that has amazing teachers. I love working with teachers that strive to design a complete learning experience truly focused on what is best for our students. An important aspect of this design includes establishing environments most conducive to the classroom being centered around the learner rather than the teacher. Those student-centered environments recognize… Continue reading Student-Centered Environments

Student-centered Classrooms

Last week “Coach K” (Mike Krzyzewski) won his fifth NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball National Championship game as the coach of Duke University (second only to UCLA’s John Wooden’s historic ten Championships). Something he said post game during this year’s NCAA tournament has stuck with me. He doesn’t have a system that he expects his… Continue reading Student-centered Classrooms