Classroom Highlights: Hatching the BEST Chicks

Our BEST (Building Essential Skills Together) Special Education classroom at Liberty Oaks hatched chicks. Beyond bringing cute little chicks into our school, this was a such positive experience for a variety of reasons. Learning was real-world and hands-on. Students experienced how chicks hatch from eggs, what conditions are necessary for maintaining baby chicks, and how to… Continue reading Classroom Highlights: Hatching the BEST Chicks

Flexible Seating

This year in Liberty Public Schools, many students are walking into rooms that look very different than the traditional classroom. Many teachers have embraced flexible seating. Flexible seating provides students an opportunity to choose where they sit, based on where they will learn best, as well as an easy option for rearranging, based on specific… Continue reading Flexible Seating

Camp Invention 2016

Camp Invention is coming back to Liberty Public Schools in 2016! Liberty Oaks Elementary is again hosting the one-week summer program that provides STEM activities for elementary students. Last year 84 students enrolled and had a blast! Check out our highlight video from Camp Invention 2015! (Video Source: Danny Todtfeld, Assistant Director) Camp Invention 2016 is July 11-15. Students will: Brainstorm product ideas and… Continue reading Camp Invention 2016

Camp Invention

Danny Todtfeld and I are directing Camp Invention this summer “where BIG ideas become the next BIG thing.” Camp Invention is a one-week summer program focused on creativity, innovation, problem solving, and invention. We are looking forward to hosting local elementary students and fostering a unique opportunity for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) enrichment. Forty-five students have already enrolled, and we’re… Continue reading Camp Invention

Improving Google Hangouts

This year I’ve explored connecting classes via Google Hangouts. Students have really enjoyed having an authentic audience (another class) to discuss their reading and learning. We’ve used Google Hangouts as a whole class. This format would work really well for connecting your class with an outside expert. There are multiple ways to engage your entire class even if only one (or a… Continue reading Improving Google Hangouts

Digital Learning Day

Today I celebrated Digital Learning Day with another Tweeting Tour. This time my tour of Liberty Oaks Elementary, which focused on capturing digital learning from this week,  included student voice. In many of the classes I visited, different students were the ones sharing what they were learning. My mission for the next digital tour of our school: Include pictures and video. (I’m thinking… Continue reading Digital Learning Day