Classroom Highlights: Hatching the BEST Chicks

Our BEST (Building Essential Skills Together) Special Education classroom at Liberty Oaks hatched chicks. Beyond bringing cute little chicks into our school, this was a such positive experience for a variety of reasons. Learning was real-world and hands-on. Students experienced how chicks hatch from eggs, what conditions are necessary for maintaining baby chicks, and how to… Continue reading Classroom Highlights: Hatching the BEST Chicks

Classroom Highlights: Second Grade Math

The second grade team at Liberty Oaks Elementary has spent collaboration time discussing math instruction and making changes that positively impact learner agency. Ashley Allen explains the changes she has made and the impact it has had in her classroom: This year I restructured my math block. I went from the tradition whole group lesson followed by independent… Continue reading Classroom Highlights: Second Grade Math

Classroom Highlights: A New Series on the Blog

One of my goals for this school year is to highlight work in classrooms and share learning. One of the ways in which I plan to do so is through a new series on the blog. Introducing the “Classroom Highlights” series… I am very excited about blog post #1, COMING SOON! Disclaimer: I could write a post… Continue reading Classroom Highlights: A New Series on the Blog