Conference Notes/ Resources

Personalized Learning Summit Notes (2017)

ASCD Conference Notes (2016)

Missouri Project Lead the Way State Conference Notes (2015)

Liberty LEADS Conference Resources (2015)

Model Schools Conference Notes (2015)

Google Education on Air Conference Notes (2015)

KCPT & TechNet Conference Notes (2015)

Liberty LEADS Conference Notes (2014)

Student-Centered Coaching Conference Notes (2014)

Google in Education: Technology & Awareness Summit Notes (2013)

Data Team Tools

Data Team Agenda/Minutes Template

Data Team Process Tracking Template


A Study of the Influence of Elementary School Climate on Third through Fifth Grade Student Achievement in a Suburban School District

Instructional Coaching Tools

Innovation & Learning Coach Site

Results-Based Coaching Tool (Diane Sweeney Consulting)

Professional Development Presentations

Being a Connected Educator Emaze

Blended Learning Prezi

Create, Communicate, & Collaborate through Student Blogging Prezi

Online Resources/Publishing Student Work Prezi

Student Blogging Prezi

Twitter Prezi

Understanding Diagnostic Tests and Instructional Implication Prezi


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