Classroom Highlights: Hatching the BEST Chicks

Our BEST (Building Essential Skills Together) Special Education classroom at Liberty Oaks hatched chicks. Beyond bringing cute little chicks into our school, this was a such positive experience for a variety of reasons. Learning was real-world and hands-on. Students experienced how chicks hatch from eggs, what conditions are necessary for maintaining baby chicks, and how to… Continue reading Classroom Highlights: Hatching the BEST Chicks


It’s that time of year… March Madness! Even if you’re not a fan of college basketball, it can be easy to get caught up in the excitement of the NCAA Basketball Tournament. The competition of the win-to-advance tournament style play. The suspense. The team that becomes the next cinderella story. The buzzer-beaters. The emotion of it all.… Continue reading Bracketology

Camp Invention 2017

Camp Invention is back this summer for a third straight year. Liberty Oaks Elementary is again the site for the week-long STEM program which will be July 17-21, 2017. Imaginations get their rocket fuel at Camp Invention! This summer’s all-new curriculum allows children in kindergarten through 6th grade to experience real-world problem solving and creative thinking as they… Continue reading Camp Invention 2017

Coaching Reflection

My favorite thing about being a coach is helping teachers become stronger instructional decision-makers. This work revolves around a partnership with teachers that is collaborative, focused on student work, specific, and intentional. Collaboration – teachers and coaches grow in their depth of thinking from working together Focusing on student work – examining student work allows for an… Continue reading Coaching Reflection

Classroom Highlights: Second Grade Math

The second grade team at Liberty Oaks Elementary has spent collaboration time discussing math instruction and making changes that positively impact learner agency. Ashley Allen explains the changes she has made and the impact it has had in her classroom: This year I restructured my math block. I went from the tradition whole group lesson followed by independent… Continue reading Classroom Highlights: Second Grade Math