Classroom Highlights: Hatching the BEST Chicks

Our BEST (Building Essential Skills Together) Special Education classroom at Liberty Oaks hatched chicks. Beyond bringing cute little chicks into our school, this was a such positive experience for a variety of reasons. Learning was real-world and hands-on. Students experienced how chicks hatch from eggs, what conditions are necessary for maintaining baby chicks, and how to… Continue reading Classroom Highlights: Hatching the BEST Chicks


It’s that time of year… March Madness! Even if you’re not a fan of college basketball, it can be easy to get caught up in the excitement of the NCAA Basketball Tournament. The competition of the win-to-advance tournament style play. The suspense. The team that becomes the next cinderella story. The buzzer-beaters. The emotion of it all.… Continue reading Bracketology

Classroom Highlights: A New Series on the Blog

One of my goals for this school year is to highlight work in classrooms and share learning. One of the ways in which I plan to do so is through a new series on the blog. Introducing the “Classroom Highlights” series… I am very excited about blog post #1, COMING SOON! Disclaimer: I could write a post… Continue reading Classroom Highlights: A New Series on the Blog

Flexible Seating

This year in Liberty Public Schools, many students are walking into rooms that look very different than the traditional classroom. Many teachers have embraced flexible seating. Flexible seating provides students an opportunity to choose where they sit, based on where they will learn best, as well as an easy option for rearranging, based on specific… Continue reading Flexible Seating

Intangibles Matter

A year ago, the Kansas City Royals were six outs away from elimination in their first playoff game after a 29 season playoff drought. Down four runs heading into the eighth inning, they completed one of the most improbable comebacks in MLB playoff history, winning 9-8 in 12 innings. In that game, they came from behind three times (including… Continue reading Intangibles Matter


This past summer, I discovered Periscope. I immediately wondered how educators could use this tool in their classrooms. Although intrigued, I was not convinced that it would be worth using. My initial hesitation included concerns about unrestricted steaming comments while broadcasting videos. When I saw Periscope used in a classroom, I quickly realized it’s potential. It can be transformative to the classroom… Continue reading Periscope