Classroom Highlights: Hatching the BEST Chicks

Our BEST (Building Essential Skills Together) Special Education classroom at Liberty Oaks hatched chicks.


Beyond bringing cute little chicks into our school, this was a such positive experience for a variety of reasons.

  1. Learning was real-world and hands-on. Students experienced how chicks hatch from eggs, what conditions are necessary for maintaining baby chicks, and how to care for them.
  2. The eggs/chicks were streamed online (using USTREAM‘s free Pro Broadcasting 30-day Trial) so that families could participate at home. Students were encouraged to share about the hatching/learning with their families and provided a connection between school and home.
  3. Classrooms were invited and many came to visit/ interact with our BEST classroom. This benefits all students (both special education students and those in visiting classrooms). BEST students had an authentic opportunity to share about the chicks and practice social skills.

There are still a few more days to check out the BEST chicks on the online stream.



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