Coaching Reflection

My favorite thing about being a coach is helping teachers become stronger instructional decision-makers. This work revolves around a partnership with teachers that is collaborative, focused on student work, specific, and intentional.

Collaboration – teachers and coaches grow in their depth of thinking from working together

Focusing on student work – examining student work allows for an understanding of and responsiveness to student needs

Specificity – a narrow focus with clearly defined goals and identified targets allows for a depth that leads to significant change

Intentionality – understanding why (rationale for activities), rather than focusing solely on what (lesson plans), provides coherent instruction and high insight of antecedents

As coaches live in the balance between relationship and rigor with teachers, teachers live in the same balance (relationship and rigor) with their students. As I am growing my ability to make coaching decisions based on what teachers need, teachers are growing their ability to make instructional decisions based on what students need. Together, we are making each other better.


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