PBL Workshop Recap

I’ve spent the last three days in The Buck Institute for Education‘s PBL 101 workshop with a large group of elementary teachers, coaches, and administrators from across the district. The primary focus of the professional development was the skills and knowledge required to design, assess, and manage “Gold Standard” Project-Based Learning units (PBLs).

Why PBL?

We were able to walk away from the workshop understanding the eight Essential Project Design Elements:

  • Key Knowledge, Understanding, and Success Skills
  • Challenging Problem or Question
  • Sustained Inquiry
  • Authenticity
  • Student Voice & Choice
  • Reflection
  • Critique & Revision
  • Public Product

Teams walked through the following Project Path to begin creating a PBL:

  1. Launch Project: Entry Event + Driving Question 
  2. Build Knowledge, Understanding & Skills to Answer Driving Question >
  3. Develop and Critique Products and Answers to the Driving Question <
  4. Present Products and Answers to the Driving Question

Not only am I excited about the products – PBL units that will be implemented in classrooms soon – our teachers have continued to develop as intentional instructional decision-makers. We are growing our capacity to provide students with authentic, engaging, and real-world opportunities to learn content and skills …as well as impact our world.


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