Apple Watch Review

I recently purchased an Apple Watch. I had been waiting for the Apple Watch Series 2, but Best Buy had such a great deal on the first-generation Apple Watch that I couldn’t resist. Although the new features (faster process0r, brighter display, waterproof, built in GPS) certainly make the Series 2 a better watch, I wasn’t willing to pay that much extra. I just didn’t want to spend over $400 on a watch.

Apple Watch Sport 42mm Space Gray Aluminum Case Space Gray Sports Band

It’s replaced my Fitbit Charge HR, and I’ve appreciated the extra functionality.

After a week, here are my highlights:

  • Use as a watch [including a variety of optons for watch faces]
  • Convenience for reading/ responding to texts and calls
  • Monitoring and alerts for activity measures (move, exercise, and stand goals)
  • Quick access to basic apps (Twitter, Instagram, ESPN, etc.)
  • Option for pinging iPhone

It wasn’t as great of a deal as only paying $1 for my iPhone 6S, but it’s been worth the purchase. Definitely not a necessary tech device, but I enjoy having it.


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