Flexible Seating

This year in Liberty Public Schools, many students are walking into rooms that look very different than the traditional classroom. Many teachers have embraced flexible seating.

Flexible seating provides students an opportunity to choose where they sit, based on where they will learn best, as well as an easy option for rearranging, based on specific learning activity.

Variety of seating options

Although some teachers have explored flexible seating during previous years, it has quickly become more common. Teachers at Liberty Oaks Elementary are excited, and nervous, about the change. Some are jumping right in from day one and some are implementing gradually, introducing one seating option at a time. All classrooms, though, are being intentional about their learning environment.

The reasoning behind having flexible seating is as different as each individual teacher:

One believes it’s something new and exciting that will be a positive change for students.

One hopes to see the research behind flexible seating show itself true. Will students be more engaged with their classmates? Will they be more independent and self-confident? Will they have more of a desire to come to school? Will they learn better? That’s the hope!

One feels that students being comfortable and relaxed will contribute to ensuring their safe and positive learning environment.

Students are going to help decide classroom seating procedures and have more choice in where they learn. Teachers are going to learn the needs of their students and support them by helping figure out what works best for each individual.


Having a physical environment that is adaptable to our learners, their interests, and their needs is a great starting place for creating student-centered classrooms.

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