ASCD Conference Reflection

I had the opportunity to attend the 2016 ASCD Annual Conference in Atlanta, Georgia this past weekend. Simply put, it was the best education conference that I’ve ever attended. Three full days of sessions is difficult to summarize into one blog post, though, so I’ve decided to reflect by sharing one key “sticky” idea from each session:

  1. We should create a classroom culture that engages students in worthwhile tasks, encourages “tinkering” and makes tools/models accessible.
  2. Keep showing up… and in the process humble yourself. Become a student of your students.
  3. Student questions drive inquiry over time.
  4. Achievement is the wrong focus. We need to focus on getting students excited about learning.
  5. Administrators should ask teachers, “What do you need to be successful?”
  6. A growth mindset is not just about effort. It acknowledges the importance of strategies and developing abilities.
  7. The limitation is the lesson. The problem is the path. The bind that you’re in is the blessing.
  8. Differentiated instruction is a teacher-driven student-centered learning experience. Student choice is based on what the teacher sanctions.
  9. Effective instructional leadership ensures consistently effective teaching more than any other factor.
  10. If our teaching doesn’t benefit students, why would we do it?

A pretty strong top ten, really.


*My full conference notes can be accessed here.


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