Model Schools Conference

I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to spend the last few days in Atlanta, Georgia for the 2015 Model Schools Conference. The International Center for Leadership in Education (ICLE) hosts the annual conference that features the Nation’s highest performing schools, educational leaders, tools and resources to drive excellence and how-to strategies to improve student learning and engagement. 


A few select elementary (including Liberty’s own Lewis and Clark), middle, and high schools are highlighted as Model Schools that are the nation’s most innovative schools whose successful practices for increasing student achievement are showcased throughout the Model School Conference.

I’ve loved hearing from education superstars (such as Dr. Bill Daggett, Eric Sheninger, and Thomas Murray) as well as hearing the narratives of success at elementary schools from Liberty, Kirkwood (MO), Henderson (KY), and Bear (DE). The passion for students was incredible, and the dedication to excellence was inspiring. 

Three common themes threaded throughout sessions with these leaders and schools:

  1. Culture trumps strategy
  2. Students own the learning
  3. Leadership makes the difference

Simple. But transformative. And it’s clear that all of this happens through relationships. Something all of these leaders/schools clearly understand and have fostered into successful schools.

**Feel free to access my full conference notes.


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