Digital Portfolios

Digital Portfolios are a great way to display student learning and curate student work. There is a lot of potential in providing students the opportunity to develop web design skills, learn digital organization, and enhance their written/oral communication. Digital Portfolios allow students to both share and learn.

Turning portfolios digital increases accessibility, allows for collection & reflection over a longer period of time, and expands student voice.

What could a Digital Portfolio include?

  • Title Page – including a description that explains the Digital Portfolio
  • Organization that makes sense – using simple navigation
  • About Me Page – giving biographical information about the student
  • Digital Data Notebook – showing student growth and progress on learning standards
  • Student Work – highlighting what the student has selected to share from all content areas
  • Reflection – sharing student’s perspective of their learning and the process involved in learning
  • Resume – stating education, skills, experiences, and accomplishments

Possible platforms to use for creating Digital Portfolios:

Other tools that could be useful in creating Digital Portfolios:

Collecting student work, capturing learning, and creating a ongoing Digital Portfolio will allow students to reflect, share, and expand learning.


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