Tweeting Tour

This year our school joined Twitter. Our school account (@libertyoaks) is a shared account between our principals, Library Media Specialist, and me (the Innovation and Learning Coach). We set up the account to be able to share with parents, other schools, and the community. Our primary use has been retweeting tweets which teachers have shared about what is happening in their classrooms.

Today I tried something new: A Tweeting Tour.

It was quick, easy, and something I’d definitely recommend for other schools.

It’s such a simple concept. I stopped in one classroom from each grade level to ask teachers something they wanted to share on Twitter. I tweeted, then left.

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 9.54.48 AM

Within a matter of minutes, I had shared one aspect of our day from every grade-level (Kindergarten through fifth grade). Our followers had just taken a virtual tour of our school.

Next time (and there’ll definitely be a next time…) I’d love to have our students provide the content for the Tweeting Tour. Follow @libertyoaks so you don’t miss it!


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