KCPT Technology Conference Recap

KCPT hosted their annual K-12 Technology Conference today. The theme was New Paradigm Shifts in Education. 

Mike Montague, in his Keynote session, explained paradigm change comes when someone shows us something better. The rest of the day was just that: educators sharing ideas/tools in effort to show a better education.

Eric Langhorst shared these Google Geo Tools:

If you are interested in learning more and “geeking out” with Google Geo Tools look for upcoming 2015 dates for the Google Geo Teachers Institute.

Jill Watkins shared One-to-One Integration & Deployment Tips:

  • Start with pedagogy, not the tool
  • Create a framework: Goals, Results, Pillars
  • Make simple shifts
  • Model strategies in PD

Anna Garcia shared Kansas City Public Library Digital Offerings:

These are all free downloads (with a library card).

Tracey Kracht shared about thinking big and starting small For an Authentic Audience:

  • Socratic Seminars – Inner circle engaged with experts. Outer circle engaged with backchannel conversation.
  • Writing for the real world – YouTube video reviews & thumbs up/down voting
  • Learning scientific method – high school “science mentors” for elementary students via FaceTime
  • Blogging & commenting, including “digital parent volunteers” and reference credit

Wil Codilla shared how we can Create Tomorrow’s Classroom Today:

Jonathan Bacon shared how to Bring Awesomeness to Your Classroom:

**Feel free to access my full conference notes.


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