School Improvement

Teachers often think they need to do more to make school better. Of course, we should continue to learn, continue to grow, continue to improve. But sometimes, it’s not about what teachers are doing. It’s about what students are doing. One thing that we, as teachers, should do more is give students more control. That, in turn, will make school better. This can be uncomfortable, and this can be messy. But in the end, the result will change our schools.

State and district standards provide the content for what needs to be learned. The power is in how it is learned. Students are most interested, engaged, and empowered when they are given choice. Asking students how they want to learn, how they want to process/ demonstrate what they’ve learned, and how they can do better will quickly change the environment in your classroom/ school.

School is most transformative when it’s in the hands of our students. Let’s let them help us improve.


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