DAY 2: 30-Day Blogging Challenge For Teachers

I’ve set up an online collaborative space and would like my schools to try it out this year. Schools can benefit greatly from an online collaborative space. Teachers are extremely busy but have a need to share ideas, contain resources, and dialogue about student learning. An online space provides an easy place to share and collaborate in a flexible way.

Although there are many digital tools designed for collaboration, it makes sense for us to use a Google Community as the format because our district utilizes Google Apps for Education. Each school now has a private Google Community, and I also encouraging teachers to explore and join public communities of interest.

Utilizing an online collaborative space not only benefits teachers, but models what should be happening in classrooms. I am hoping to see online collaboration make it’s way into classrooms with students sharing ideas, resources, and leading the dialogue!


**This post is in response to “Reflecting Teaching: A 30-Day Blogging Challenge For Teachers.”


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