DAY 1: 30-Day Blogging Challenge For Teachers

My goals for the school year are to learn, to lead, and to love. I will learn by connecting. I will lead by inspiring. And I will love by embracing the process. 

I will connect by:

  • Building new relationships with teachers and staff in two different buildings
  • Listening to and learning from colleagues
  • Blogging to share my learning with others
  • Continue engaging my PLN through twitter

I will inspire by :

  • Focusing on encouraging teachers to collaborate, try new ideas, and share their learning
  • Communicating vision, building culture, and strategically designing learning experiences
  • Building leadership capacity among other teachers

I will embrace the process by:

  • Asking questions, challenging thinking, and finding ways to support teachers 
  • Partnering with teachers to foster student learning
  • Accepting change that comes with a new role and learning to love a different type of influence


**This post is in response to “Reflecting Teaching: A 30-Day Blogging Challenge For Teachers.”


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