The thing that makes an effective teacher is not that they haven’t failed. In fact, they have failed many times. The thing that makes an effective teacher is that they’ve learned from those failures. They’ve failed forward. They’ve made progress. They’ve found ways to improve. They’ve taken steps in the right direction. They’ve chosen to focus on growth.

Great teachers have realized that great teachers have become great teachers. They weren’t always great. At least not all of the time. They became better. And better. And, eventually, they became great. It didn’t happen overnight. And that starts with reflecting. And then improving. It’s a process.

These five questions are to help you, as a teacher, reflect on your own practice and move forward in your journey of greatness:

How are we asking questions?

How are we letting students lead their own learning?

How are we facilitating access to information?

How are we monitoring student learning and providing feedback?

How are we empowering kids?



  1. I LOVED this post. Great perspective…failure leads to greatness. And the questions are a great way to further teacher reflection!

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