The beginning of a new school year. A time with much anticipation, for both students and teachers. Mostly unknown territory. A fresh start. A journey that’s about to embark. An exciting time.

It happens at the end of every summer. As teachers get their class lists, students call/text friends to find out who is in their class. As teachers prepare their classrooms, students buy their school supplies. As teachers get ready for teaching, students get ready for learning. I’ve always enjoyed the fall. The weather is cooler. Schools are clean. Students are excited. Teachers are ready to try new ideas. It’s the perfect season for change.

I am, once again, extremely excited about the upcoming school year. This year, though, I feel a little more like a student than a teacher. I am embarking on a new journey: being an elementary Innovation and Learning Coach. This new experience, of course, comes many uncertainties. Leaving the familiarity of my own classroom, a staff that I’ve become very comfortable with, and a school that I’ve loved since it’s opening eight years ago. I am about to learn new teachers, new classrooms, new grades. Many unknowns and new relationships. And that’s the best part. Doing something new challenges you. Meeting new people helps you grow. Change helps you grow.

The best learning comes through experience, and change often facilitates that experience. It’ll take time for me to learn how to be an effective instructional coach and I’ll make many mistakes along the way, but that’s all part of the learning process. I’m ready to get to know new teachers and students. I’m ready to learn, try, and share new ideas. I’m ready for school to start.


3 thoughts on “A NEW JOURNEY

  1. Matthew – Good luck on your new adventure. You’ll be a great instructional coach. Liberty is lucky to have you. Looking forward to seeing all the great things you’ll do this year.


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